Craig Kaleal - replaced by
Bob Ego - drums
George Martin - electric trumpet, valve trombone, percussion
Daryl Gutheil - keyboards, vocals, trumpet
Kenny Shields - lead vocals (RIP July 21, 2017)
Ken Sinnaeve - bass guitar, alto saxophone
         Bob Deutscher - guitar, vocals

    I  found my style of guitar playing gradually being stifled during this period. Also, although we had continued to play a selection of original songs, I found myself at loggerheads with some members of the band with regards to songwriting credits with the possibility of recording on the horizon. My contention was that whoever writes the song owns the copyright and ultimately the performance rights benefits. The others felt it should be shared. I countered with the fact that if the band gets a hit record with the songs, everyone would benefit - from sales as well as live shows. My opinions did not go down well and caused some very heated debates. Still, however, we did some sessions at Tommy Banks' Century II Studios being produced and engineered by Les Bateman, yet another Witness Inc alumnus, but nothing came of it.

    Craig became disillusioned  and was replaced by Bob (Herb) Ego of  Edmonton,  another  Witness Inc alumnus as well as having been the former drummer in Painter. We moved to Edmonton in late 1975. Craig has since played with the likes of  the Downchild Blues Band and Ellen MacEllwain.

    Kenny, Daryl and Ken (who was dubbed Spider by a fan) became increasingly tight with our manager, Gary Stratychuk, and in spring '76 he called a meeting in which the band was given notice of it's dissolution. We finished off our run in July at The Penn in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan and bid our adieus. This was where George met his wife-to-be, a medical student from Saskatoon.

    While in Edmonton Guy Scott had begun mixing our sound as well as running our lights as Dave Lynes went on to work with The Great Canadian River Race.   Guy, Spider, an old buddy of  his and I shared a house with a couple young ladies at the time, one of them being the former Katie King now known to her viewers as Kathleen Petty, a news anchor on CBC-TV Newsworld.

    During the last couple months Gary, Kenny, Spider and Daryl set on their path to start up a new band. Upon the demise of  Witness they moved back to Regina and set their wheels in motion. Their plan was to put a group based on dual keyboards ala Gino Vanelli and had recruited Jim Folk (formerly of the Regina band Eden, which had once included Ken Sinnaeve, and later worked with the Jack Semple Band). The drummer of choice again was Matt Frenette, from The Great Canadian River Race, who met up with the band for a few rehearsals there and then returned to Edmonton without a commitment. The guys all returned to Edmonton to wine and dine Matt. They returned from their meeting, to the house where I still resided, feeling quite despondent at Matt's passing on the proposal. My recollection is that over a few beers Guy Scott and I discussed their situation that evening and between us figured that they should forget about this keyboard based concept and go for a guitar player the obvious choice being Paul Dean who was Matt's buddy in The GCRR  and also the former guitarist with Scrubbaloe Caine. I laid the idea on Kenny that they should go for Paul as the guitarist and Matt would complete the package. This turned out to be the case and thus later that year Streetheart was born. George moved back to Saskatoon, spent a period of time as Streetheart's road manager, and putting his music career behind him, went back to school to acquire a degree in accounting. 

Flip Flop Fly The Old Gold, Regina, Saskatchewan sometime in early 1976. This section was part of a jam on 'High Heeled Sneakers' in the middle of the song. One of the band's busier tunes. There were lots!

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                                         Les Bateman                  Spider     Bob                 Craig                                          Guy Scott                Kenny     Don Hergott (one of our agents)
                                                                            At Century II Studios, Edmonton 

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               'Doodle'      'Spider'                  'Herb"                        George                        Kenny                           'Deedle'  
                Onstage at The Convention Inn West, Edmonton


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