Wascana (3)
Craig Kaleal - drums
Daryl Gutheil - keyboards, vocals, trumpet
George Martin - electric trumpet, valve trombone, percussion
Ken Sinnaeve - bass guitar
                Bob Deutscher - guitar, vocals, electric piano                               

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Craig   George   Daryl 
Bob         Ken 

    Rich had become despondent living in Regina and wanted to go back to Edmonton and Don had decided to devote his life to Krishna, so again we were in pursuit of a drummer and now a bass player. We knew of a bass player in Regina, Ken Sinnaeve, who had played with the Souls Of  Inspiration and Eden  and invited him to perhaps join us. We also contacted Craig Kaleal, a former drummer with Saskatoon's Witness Inc and at the time with an Edmonton band called Redemption.   He came to Regina to check us out. He had wanted to bring down Peter Elias, the bass player from Redemption, but after a jam with Ken (and Rich Peterson) we knew he was the right fit. We didn't need to hear anyone else. During this time we hired a manager, Gerry Stoll from Saskatoon.

    We had been doing so many jingle sessions in Winnipeg that we thought it would be a good idea to move there and we did so in autumn '74.  Unfortunately the sessions dried up. Although we were stretching and developing our musical boundaries with more original tunes we found ourselves somewhat lacking in the vocal department having lost our main lead singer, Don Gutheil.

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