Norman Allard - tenor, soprano saxophones, flute
Daryl Gutheil - keyboards, vocals, trumpet
Don Gutheil - bass guitar, vocals, trumpet, percussion
Drew Lawrence - drums, flute, vocals
George Martin - trumpet, valve trombone, percussion
Bob Deutscher - guitar, vocals, electric piano

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George  Don
Bob Drew  Daryl  Norm

    This group had started out as a hobby band with Drew, Norman, George, Brian Davis, Gerry Klein and my old friend Mick Grainger. That fizzled and the brothers Gutheil and I joined up with Drew, Norman and George to form Wascana. Thanks for the name, Mick! Don, Daryl and I basically folded up Andante to put this band together. Having a horn section was a major catalyst in my 'on the job' musical training. I started transcribing horn charts for cover songs, and wrote original charts for my own compositions as well as other cover songs. This was perhaps the most creative period of my career.  It was a very stimulated time!
    There were many highlights during this band's tenure. Here are a few:

    During the last year of  this version of the band Drew, Norman and Don immersed themselves into the Krishna Consciousness Movement. In the fall of 1973 Drew and Norman left the band to devote their lives to Krishna. The rest of  us wished them well.
    It was in this period that we hired a roadie/sound tech, another Regina resident, Vern Sotropa.

Here's the last gig with this lineup:
The Marigold Restaurant, Regina, Saskatchewan. October 6, 1973

01 Walk Tall (Cannonball Adderley)
02 Time and a Word
03 Across The Great Divide (The Band)
04 Do It Again (Steely Dan)

05 State of the Union
06 Don't Cry My Lady (Dreams)
07 Maggie
08 Also Sprach Zarathustra
09 Redemption
(Blood, Sweat & Tears)
10 Slippin' Into Darkness
11 Don't Do It
(The Band)
12 On The Road Again
13 It's Just Got To Be That Way
(The Crusaders)
14 You Got To Funkifize
(Tower Of Power)
15 Chest Fever
(The Band)
16 No Amount Of Loving
(Butterfield Blues Band)
17 I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know
(Blood, Sweat & Tears)
18 WS Walcott Medicine Show
(The Band)
19 The Boxer
(Butterfield Blues Band)
20 Will It Go Round In Circles
(Billy Preston)
21 Stage Fright
(The Band)
22 Rooftop-1982A
(Sons Of Champlin)
23 Roundabout
24 Keep The Customer Satisfied
(The Band)
25 Superstition
(Stevie Wonder)
26 Right On
27 Cool Fool
(Edgar Winter's White Trash)
28 Who Can They Be
29 I Can't Turn You Loose
(Otis Redding; Josef Zawinul)

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       'Deke'                     'Broom'                 Drew                           'Speed'                    Norman            Daryl                       Vern

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