Astrid Voll - bass guitar, vocals
Tom Cunningham - drums, vocals
Bob Deutscher - guitar, vocals

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Tom    Astrid     Bob 

     Tom and Astrid weren't busy at the time so we put Tricycle together. This band was a blast. Again another trio, a format which I have always enjoyed, I got to stretch out on guitar a lot. I was never one for just copying the hits verbatim off  the records although I have done my share especially in the early days. Astrid and I shared lead vocals. She could stand her ground on bass guitar as well, coming from a musical family herself. One brother, Burghardt (Boogie Voll), is an excellent blues/boogie pianist/vocalist who also spent some time playing with Gaye Delorme. Astrid is now married to Bob Foster who has played keyboards with Jann Arden.

    Astrid and Tom wanted to join up with Boogie as he was planning to travel overseas to Germany, the Voll's homeland, to play. So, I was left without a band in mid '84. Feeling frustrated with the short life spans of my last few bands, I decided to carry on solo.

Who Can It Be Now  By Men At Work, recorded at the Olds Hotel, June 15, 1984


onstage at Vulcan,  Alberta

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