The Steamers
1995 - 2001
Rod Partin - keyboards, Midi, alto saxophone, vocals
Dennis Davies - drums, vocals
Bob Deutscher - guitar, vocals 

    We played completely unrehearsed but because of the experience and talent that existed we were very tight and I had a lot of room to play. We used MIDI tracks that Rod controlled on an Atari ST computer for most songs. For the rest he played left hand bass on his keyboard. Sometime in 2001 Rod became tired of the duo gig with Dennis and went into a sort of musical retirement. Consequently Dennis became involved with several different conglomerations which did not include yours truly. Ah well, so it goes! I did enjoy the music with Dennis & Rod but I can't say I enjoyed the smoky bar environment.

Wonderful Tonight My wife captured this performance with our camcorder on my birthday in January, 1998 at a jam session at the Highlander Hotel in Calgary.  

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