John Dunn - drums, vocals
Jamie Hassard - keyboards
Steve Martin - bass guitar, vocals
Debbie Dunitz - lead vocals
Bob Deutscher - guitar, vocals

    This was another of the Calgary groups with a song featured on the Rocky Mountain Magic album. On that record their guitarist was John Mills now known as Johnny V. He had left to pursue his blues rock roots, Sidewinder being more of a country rock band. I auditioned for the band and started playing with them the week  after playing the last Components gig. Around this time Debbie's boyfriend was Neil McGonigal, now Jann Arden's ex-manager. We did a couple original songs, one of them being my I Learned A Lot From You. Once, at a gig we were doing in Saskatoon, we had already played the song then someone requested it again. That was nice. It was enroute to this gig that I discovered I was allergic to clams. Not a pretty sight! I had to spend the night in a hospital in Oyen, Alberta.

    There were some personality clashes in this band that led to my leaving under not the best of terms. Oh well, shit happens!

Spodie  By David Lindley, recorded at the King Edward Hotel (The Eddy), Calgary, July 29, 1983

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