September 1962 - March 1965
Doug Griffith - drums (RIP ~1968)
Bill Hersche - rhythm guitar, vocals
(RIP 2011)
Bill Rothecker - bass guitar, vocals
Brian Szysky - rhythm guitar, piano, vocals
(RIP 2014)
Marty Daborn - rhythm guitar
Bob Deutscher - lead guitar, vocals

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Bob Doug Marty Bill

    My first band. I was initially invited to jam with Bill Hersche and Brian Szysky, two guys that went to the same elementary school as me, St. Joseph. I had been playing my own guitar for six months. At first all I could play was lead/melody parts. Thanks to Bill I learned the rudimentary chords. Along with Brian I took a few lessons from Johnny Klimczak, then Regina's premier guitarist and a great rockabilly singer. We used to rehearse at  Judy Williams' house across the street from my high school, Balfour Technical School. Some days I'd ride there on my bicycle with my guitar in one hand and my amp in the other. Must have been quite a sight! Our first gig was a 'Hi-Y' dance for 7th and 8th graders. We had no bass player at this time. I was in grade 9. The first song I ever sang on stage was Kansas City. Brian didn't stay long. After an audition we became affiliated with 620 CKCK Radio, Regina. The line-up of  Doug, Bill R, Marty and myself played backup for a 16 year old singer from Vancouver named Terry Black. He had a regional hit with a song called Unless You Care. I had learned the 12-string guitar parts from the record using octaves on my Gibson ES-295. This was a one gig shot. He later went on to be one of the vocalists in the Toronto band Dr. Music. Bill Hersh (sic) has had an ongoing career as a country recording artist.

    This was the period I discovered
The Beatles. A group was formed from students at my high school to put on a handful of concerts at school as The Balfour Beatles . It included Doug, David Warren and Toby Racette. After a couple concerts I was asked to fill in for Toby on bass. We all wore Beatle wigs. The kids loved it. I sang Twist & Shout. We enjoyed our fleeting moments of  fame for a week or so in the hallways of school!

    A buddy of mine since the age of 12, when we played peewee football,
Mick Grainger, had also become interested in the guitar and The Beatles in particular. We spent many hours figuring out the chords to their songs. Today  he has a massive backlog of  his own compositions on tape. He's a great songwriter. We never did play in a band together though, until July 2003 when we got together with Bill Rothecker  and Harvey Frasz (drums) for The Regina Eastenders Reunion at Dunnet Park, Saskatchewan.

0087.jpg (12902 bytes) 0086.jpg (14899 bytes) High School Football wind-up dance at the Regina Armouries, Fall 1963, for about 2000 kids. Terry Black was the featured act. 

Sentimental Journey The earliest existing sample of my guitar playing c.1962.

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