Presto Tango
John Mosby - keyboards, guitar, vocals
Greg Fairweather - bass guitar
Esther Purvis-Smith - keyboards, vocals
Marty Old - drums
Dar White - vocals, tenor saxophone
Bob Deutscher - guitar, vocals

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                                        Bob    Dar          Greg    John    Marty                                      

    Originally called The Dar White Band, this was a pretty good group and should have been more successful. Marty had played for a short while with the Winnipeg band Next in the 70's. That was the predecessor to Harlequin, George Belanger being the lead vocalist at the time. The band lost some snap and sizzle when Esther Purvis-Smith, herself a stage and screen actress, left to further pursue her acting career. She's a very talented lady and her playing and vocals were missed. Part way through my tenure with this band they took on a manager, Frank Middleton, whom I had issues with, so we mutually agreed to part ways. The darkest days were yet to come.

    The next two bands I worked with, Ginger Street and Crossroads were, simply put, awful! The former of the two included a bass player I had known for a very long time and who had for a period of time played with The Andantes, Dinny Wilkie. The latter nice people, but at the time, very green. It was very painful for me but I just wanted to play.
In early January, 1995, I got a call from Dennis Davies, a drummer who had formerly played with Calgary's Fosterchild, Winnipeg's Bootleg  and The Stamps (second generation of  The Stampeders). He and Rod Partin, a keyboard/saxophone player, had a blues/R&B duo act called The Steamers that on occasion added a guitar player to the line-up. A short while later, after receiving a call from Greg, I gave Crossroads my notice, played my first gig with The Steamers and started rehearsing with Hot Cargo.

Rev It Up  By Jerry Harrison, recorded at Poncho's, Calgary, March 14, 1992


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