Steve Klotz - bass guitar, vocals
Tom Cunningham - drums
Bob Deutscher - guitar, vocals

    From singing one or two songs a night to doing the lead vocals for the whole gig. That and being in a trio  for the first time since The Greasy Mixture back in '69 was what Playground was about. In this band I learned how to better pick songs for my voice as well as for the trio format. We also did a few of my own songs and stretched out a lot musically. All in all a fun band but we were doing some obscure material in venues that weren't quite appreciating it so we didn't last too long - six months or so. Until recently, Steve was general manager of  Axe Music in Calgary. I've heard he has moved on to Winnipeg. Tom is a counselor in LaRonge, Saskatchewan.

Joy Ridin'  The Bowness Hotel, in Calgary sometime in 1982.

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