Jamieson Booker
Brian Stewart - lead vocals, acoustic guitar
Margie Burtt - lead vocals
Ed Gauvreau - drums
????? - bass guitar
????? - keyboards
Dave Glowasky - violin
Bob Deutscher - guitar

    This was basically a backup band for Margie and Brian who were embarking on a recording career. They had been doing some original material and had been building a reputation as a popular duo known as "Burtt and Brian" throughout Alberta. I played two concert gigs with the band, one for a CJAY-92 "Discumentary" and opened for MANEIGE at Calgary's Jubilee Auditorium. Before playing the first gig, at The University of Calgary, Brian told everyone to where something 'stagey'. I came to the gig with a white and red shirt and white pants. I really stood out in the lights compared to the 'stars' of the show! So, for the next gig, the directive was 'no one wear white!' So who comes to the gig in white? B&B!

    I also played lead guitar on their Sophistication single session at Richard Harrow's Living Room Studios in the fall of '78. They asked me to join the band on a permanent basis but a more appealing offer came up.