Hot Cargo  
Renee Hetherington -  vocals
Gerry Moser - drums, vocals
Fred Thoutenhoofd - keyboards, vocals
Brandon Oberhamer - saxophone
Bob Deutscher - guitar, vocals

Greg Fairweather - bass guitar
(replaced by)
Bobby Brooks - bass guitar (2003)

hot cargo new.JPG (51261 bytes)
Renee  Greg  Fred  Brandon
              Bob  Gerry

    Guitarist David Knight, had played with The Steamers in the early 90's and later on replaced me in Presto Tango. They then changed their name to 'Little Sister'. When they folded, he and Greg Fairweather  joined Hot Cargo. Upon David's leaving Hot Cargo I got the call to replace him.    

    I was with the band until June, 2003. Greg, who had by then been playing on the side with another party band, also left the band as I found out later in September, at which time I received a call requesting my return as a 'hired gun' for the 2003 Christmas Party season.  Bobby Brooks, who Greg replaced in 1993, returned to the band over the course of the summer. I finished my tenure permanently with a New Year's Eve gig. 

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