The Greasy Mixture
Vern Hoffert - bass guitar
Don Young - drums, vocals
Bob Deutscher - guitar, vocals

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Bob       Don     Vern

    Fresh from the influence of mega-doses of  funk, R&B and NYCity radio  this band was put together. The name came from a commercial I had heard on WNEW for some kind of  hair straightener. (It wasn't a slippery syrup, gooey liquid or greasy mixture). We were kind of nuts in this one. From Jimi Hendrix to James Brown to Gary Puckett and The Union Gap! It didn't last long but was fun while it lasted and we worked a lot. It was at this time that I met my longtime friend Garth Ternes who used to come to some of our gigs and 'roadie'.

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Our sometimes 'uniform' A nightshirt from Wenatchi Valley College

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