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Duncan MacKenzie - guitar, vocals
Bob Ego - drums
Wayne Nicholson- lead vocals
Bob Walker - bass guitar, vocals
Bob Deutscher - guitar, vocals

    In the fall of 1976 I felt my playing had been suffering and I was somewhat despondent about being without a band for the first time in nearly 10 years. I needed some sort of shot in the arm so I packed up my gear and headed back to Winnipeg to just hang for a bit. Upon my arrival at a particular bar I bumped into some fellow musicians amongst them being Bob Fuhr, keyboard player and vocalist with the group Zdenka. He invited me to jam with some of them in his basement. It was great. I got to play with others who felt the music like I did and I found my confidence renewed. I returned to Edmonton ready to play again.

    Herb, as Bob Ego had come to be known, called me up to sit in with a group he had been rehearsing with called Granfalloon. They had been learning a Little Feat tune called All That You Dream. He asked me if I could learn the electric piano solo on my old Wurlitzer electric piano and sit in at rehearsal. I suggested I learn the solo on guitar instead since I wasn't that much of a keyboard player and the piano was somewhat of a hog to haul around being an old cabinet model. Thus I joined Granfalloon with Herb,  Wayne Nicholson (formerly of a group called Horse) and Duncan MacKenzie (ex-maritimers)  and Bob Walker. This was a raw ballsy rock band and the first one in which I shared guitar duties in a long, long time. It was refreshing. It also could have been called "The Bobs" because everyone except Duncan's actual first name was Robert! However we disbanded at the end of the year. We'd been collectively somewhat discombobulated!

Patience  A composition of mine recorded at Grand Central Station, Edmonton, Alberta on October 29, 1976. This had previously been performed with Andante, Wascana, Witness and then finally recorded by Crowcuss  in 1979

Wurlitzer Model 700 Electronic Piano