The Components
Astrid Voll - vocals, keyboards
Bruce Bjornson - bass guitar
Gary Bowman - drums
Bob Deutscher - guitar, vocals

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Bruce  Astrid   Gary   Bob 

    I was with the Components for a little under a year. This was a pretty good mainstream rock band with good vocals and musicianship. One of our agents had been pitching us to a club in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, but I kept balking at it. Finally, after a particular relationship that I was in ended, I relented. He told us in his office that a member in another band he'd booked there had come back in love and said that who knows, it could happen to one of us. Well how was I to know that it would indeed happen to me?

    We drove up to Yellowknife via a gig at Slave Lake, Alberta in late January, 1983 in bone-chilling -40C weather. I met Lisa Gallant, a Prince Edward Islander, on the second weekend of a three week gig. It was love at first sight, we were married in '85, and have two wonderful daughters, Samantha and Jesse. Both have demonstrated precocious musical talent. There's gold in them thar gals! Needless to say we are very proud of them.

    Gary got an offer to do another gig with some former buddies so we disbanded in June '83. The rest of us decided to move on rather than re-group.

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