The Chevrons (2)
Bill Rothecker - bass guitar replaced by
Gerry Klein - bass guitar, vocals
Brian Davis - guitar, vocals
Don Young - drums, vocals
Bob Deutscher - guitar, vocals

    Early in 1967 Don Young conscripted me into a new version of the Chevrons. There were actually three versions of this band. We started out as a four piece unit, changed bass players then Brian left. We remained a trio until we split up upon my offer to join The Backstreet Dudes. In the summer of  '67 we backed up Bobby Goldsboro at the Regina Exhibition Grandstand for four nights. What a nice guy. He almost didn't do the gig because of a bad experience the week before in Brandon, Manitoba with a pit band that couldn't cut his songs. It was a lot of  fun playing hits of his like Little Things and Voodoo Woman.

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Backstage with Bobby Goldsboro

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