March1965 - October 1966
Phil Stan - rhythm guitar, vocals
(RIP 2015)
Scott Peaker - bass guitar, keyboards
Don Young - drums, vocals
Bob Deutscher - lead guitar, vocals ( replaced Biron Ebell)

TV station - Yorkton, Saskatchewan
Phil  Don  Scott  Bob

      I was invited to replace Biron Ebell when he left this band. A school mate of Scott's, Brian MacDonald, had gotten from his uncle (turned out to really be his half-brother) in Britain, Eric 'Slowhand' Clapton (yes - really!), Yardbirds and John Mayall's Bluesbreakers 45's and LP's . The band had been playing the song  A Certain Girl. Biron figured out the 'trick' of turning the volume on his Fender Tremolux amp to 10 to get that sustaining sound. I started doing the same with my amp. Actually, I wired a foot pedal to my amp that would short out the volume pot to switch the level from about 5 to 10! Here's the intro to "Telephone Blues' from June 29, 1966.
Those were the high school days of  hanging out with the likes of  "D" Charles (later known as Johnny Walker - real name Duane Dodson), Russ Campbell, Terry David Mulligan and other radio personalities of the day. We recorded a song for CJME radio, a spoof on Big Bad John for a mock kidnapping of  DJ "Beatle Johnny Onn" (John Aune) and while in Earl Brown's studio we recorded the first two songs I ever wrote, Keep It Down and an instrumental entitled Rush Hour. Don Young has the acetate of  the 45, the only source copy I know of. He is now  president emeritus of the Regina Musicians Association, Local 446, American Federation of Musicians.
We had known a band called The Dynamics,  perhaps the premier Saskatchewan band of the early sixties. They had been having a lot of success playing the Eastern Townships of Quebec in '65 and '66. So, with this connection, in July 1966 after graduating from high school we headed out by train  to Sherbrooke and on to the Rockcliffe Hotel, a saloon six miles from the Vermont border. We played around the Eastern Townships until we disbanded in the fall.

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        D Charles   Johnny Onn

                                            Keep It Down  my very first composition with vocals
 Rush Hour (instrumental)