Big Trouble - Seriously!

Big Trouble
Billy MacBeth - drums, vocals, harmonica
Julian Kerr - keyboards, bass guitar
Bob Deutscher - guitar

    I did only a handful of gigs with this band stepping in for Brad Steckel, now of QSound and formerly with the band Prototype. The second time I'd played with Billy, the first time being one gig with Shango. After this I stepped into a fiasco of sorts - a short career as a DJ!

Valerie Halvorson - vocals
Rick Mizzoni - bass guitar, vocals
Bill Higbee - drums, vocals
Bob Deutscher - guitar, vocals

    Nice folks. Val married Rick and is now embarking on her own country music career as Val LeRoy. This was a transition period of sorts.

The Ravens
Don Seaman - guitar
Dean Cummings - vocals
?? - drums
Gary Law - bass guitar
Bob Deutscher - guitar

    This wound up being a big waste of time. We rehearsed with a very green drummer, I could play better, then we got another guy to fill in for the one and only gig we had. It was not a good mix. Dean was a neat singer, though. He has done some local theater and has been a crew member at a number of  film productions in the Calgary area.

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